13 Keys to Happier Living

  1. Exercise Regularly (especially when you don’t ‘feel like it’!). And my personal recommendation is for you to try green smoothie blowoutSimple Green Smoothies” (google it).  My husband is the biggest skeptic whenever I am embarking upon what he calls my latest health food “kick”!  But I am tickled to report that he is a now a full-fledged convert and we both CRAVE our green smoothies every day!


  1. Take time to Relax! For me it’s a hot Jacuzzi candle-lit bubble bath.  This is my own informal kind of “meditation”, where I am free from any outside stimuli (just the hum of the jets)… and can let my mind open up to creative thoughts, possibilities, problem solving, or where ever it chooses to go each day.


  1. Try to be more “Mindful”! This is a tough one!  With so many distractions, and always checking social media… it’s hard to completely look your partner or kids in the eye and focus on what they are saying.  When you’re eating, just enjoy the food and your present company.  We are all in such a rush, that we often slam the food down on our way out the door, (or eat while driving!) and this is really not a healthy way to live.


  1. Focus on Abundance, rather than Scarcity. And Gratitude is the key to Abundance!  Find something every day to be truly grateful for, and go out of your way to personally ‘thank’ someone for being a positive influence in your life.


  1. Catch your kid doing something Right! This is another tough one for me (sometimes).  My husband and I are both highly motivated “go-getters”, so we are more often noticing when our teenagers are NOT living up to what we know they are capable of.


  1. Schedule time to spend with your friends. You will likely need to put this right onto your calendar!


  1. Laugh often and a lot. Laugh until your tummy hurts.  And it’s great if you go so far as to even have a genuine laugh ‘snort’ every once in a while! (ha!  Made YOU laugh!)


  1. Avoid Mental Junk Food! Repeatedly watching horrible atrocities on the news does absolutely nothing for your well-being.  It’s good to have some understanding of current events, but some people are addicted to this kind of mental junk food and it really can only serve to drag you down.


  1. Learn to “Embrace” your Painful experiences. I know you don’t believe that painful experiences are part of “Happier Living”.  But if you can come to some realization that sometimes some really funky shit is inevitable in your life, and know that it is only temporary, and that other people have been through  (or are going through) the very same thing,  you will find the strength to get through it. We are not given more than we are capable of handling.  And with that, there is always a lesson that is to be learned or an opportunity for us to grow in some way, especially through adversity.  Most people wish for “comfort”, but comfort only leads to complacency.  It is through personal struggle that we truly learn and grow.  Compassion, Acceptance, Patience, Perseverance, and Faith are all virtues which are developed by enduring difficult situations.


  1. Cut yourself some slack, and forgive others


  1. FOCUS! I LOVE this quote! By Stephen Bayne

“I am rather like a mosquito in a nudist camp! I KNOW what I want to do, but I don’t know where to begin!”


Get yourself a beautiful little notebook. And each day before bed, write in it 3-5 things that you did that day which were in the direction of reaching your goals (do this for your “Business”, and again for your “Personal” goals).  What you find to write may seem small and ‘insignificant’ to you when you are first getting started, but as you get in the hang of this, and make it a daily practice, you will amaze yourself with what you are actually getting accomplished!


  1. Practice “Afformations”. This is a brilliantly simple concept developed by Noah St. John (read his book ‘Afformations: The Miracle of Positive Self-Talk”).  Most often, when we attempt to repeat traditional affirmations, like “I am RICH!”, the louder and more confidently you say it, the louder and more annoying is the voice in the back of your brain that says, ‘Ya, RIGHT!”  On the other hand, “Afformations” take into consideration that our brains are wired to find answers.  When you rephrase your affirmation into an “Afformation” and ask yourself, “Why am I so rich?” your brain cannot do anything other than think of all of the ways in which you truly are incredibly ‘rich’!


  1. Random acts of kindness: “Random Acts of Kindness” are much more invested than just paying for the next guy’s coffee in the Tim’s drive through.  Look around you (being ‘mindful’ again!) and notice when there is someone who could use a hand, and offer your assistance without any expectation of payment or ‘what’s in it or me’ thinking.  And Finally… Volunteer for something that is outside your comfort zone and is of enormous benefit to others!  I personally recommend Habitat for Humanity Women Build It always amazes me how a group of women who may appear to have absolutely “no clue” what they are doing at the beginning of the day, can look like dry walling ‘pro’s within six hours!

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